10 Artisan Irish Products To Ramp Up Your BBQ

So Ireland may not strike you as a country that can smash it when it comes to producing great products to ramp up that BBQ – but prepare to be surprised…

10 Artisan Irish Products To Ramp Up Your BBQ

Broighter Gold Chilli Infused Rapeseed Oil

An extra virgin rapeseed oil that is ultra fresh and bursting with vibrant nuttiness and the wonderful addition of fiery chilli flakes.

→The Kane family have produced a healthy oil infusion that is a must when stir-frying or adding heat to your favourite BBQ dishes!

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North Coast Smokehouse Smoked Black Pepper

Ruairidh Morrison of the North Coast Smokehouse handcrafts and produces all his cold-smoked condiments in small batches, in the picturesque little coastal town of Ballycastle. Cracked black pepper gently cold-smoked over beech wood for hours. Nothing more, nothing less. Just wonderful sweet smokiness.

→Rub generously on to your favourite cut of steak before getting them on the BBQ. HEAVENLY!

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PEPPUP Roasted Pepper & Tomato Ketchup

From Portaferry’s Luca Montorio, the PEPPUP Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Ketchup is a great alternative to conventional ketchup. It’s intensely flavoured, yet made with a few simple ingredients.

→Absolutely perfect on a hot dog, or a cheeseburger!

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Red Dog’s BBQ Dry Rub

Kilkeel based Californian, Paul Van Gelder, knows his flavour, knows his meats and knows his dry rubs!! And boy does he know a thing or to about kicking a BBQ off in style!

A superb way to add a bit of oomph to chicken breasts or pork fillet. Just rub the mix straight onto the meat and pop on the grill. 100% spices. Nothing else!

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Teeling Smoked Whiskey Oriel Sea Salt 

Powerful mineral sea salt smoked over aged Teeling whiskey barrel that will elevate your indoor recipes and become a BBQ time essential.

→I could tell you some fancy way to use this stunning salt – but one of the best way to use it is to simply sprinkle over some potato skins that have been grilled until crisp on your barbie. Trust me. It’s epic.

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Smokin’ Yankees Apple & Whiskey BBQ Sauce

The Smoking Yankees love BBQ as both a hobby and as a competitive sport!! Add their passion for BBQ to a BBQ sauce and their first product was born! The Apple and Whiskey BBQ sauce.

→A stunning blend of apples, whiskey and magic! A heaven-sent sweet, sticky and smokey BBQ sauce for all your BBQ needs… Particularly good with wings or ribs though.

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O’Doherty’s Black Bacon

The Original Fermanagh Black Bacon…Reflecting bacon production in Ireland 100’s of years ago and voted ‘Best Irish Food Product’ by the Ballygowan Irish Food Writers.

→ It seems a waste to use this incredible bacon on a burger. Why not change things up and have a BBQ brunch? The charcoal gives a delicious flavour to the black bacon. Perfect for a sarnie – or to eat straight off the grill!

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Burren Balsamic Honey & Chilli

Susie Hamilton Stubber grew up creating recipes in her mother’s country kitchen, and being inspired by her surroundings and her mother’s passion for food, she began to experiment… This honey & chilli balsamic is deliciously versatile for everything from a marinade to a salad dressing!

→ As much as all of Susie’s balsamic’s are fabulous just as they are, however, I really enjoy using them as an ingredient. My Beef Onglet & Blue Cheese Salad uses the Honey and Chilli balsamic – and would be easily adapted to any cut of beef on the BBQ.

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Carrigaline Cheese

Carrigaline Farmhouse Cheese is a family business located in Co Cork. They create small truckles of beautifully creamy cheese in a selection of flavours. Which means there is something for everyone!

→ Is there any occassion that can not be bettered by adding some cheese to the party?! The Carrigaline Farmhouse Cheese’s have a beautiful melt – which makes them perfect for crumbling over a steak of burger as it finishes off. Or, of course, a hotdog!

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Red Dog South Carolina Sauce

One more from the Kilkeel based Californian BBQ King, Paul Van Gelder!

→ Hot, smoky and tangy it ticks all the boxes, perfect for your pulled beef brisket sarnie!

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