9 Reasons Why YOU Should Shop Local

1 – It Bolsters The Local Economy! 

When you shop at locally owned, independent businesses more money is kept in the community because local  businesses generally purchase from other local businesses, service providers and farms. This is especially true at Indie Fude; where everything from the food ( of course! ) to the packaging and design work is sourced locally. Not hard too do when we are surround by such top notch folk 😉

There’s also research to show that for every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business over 60p is re-spent in the local area. Compared to 40p in every £1 spent with a larger business. That’s £60 in every hundred! Or £600 in every £1000! And that locally spent dosh keeps progressing round in circles – helping to buoy your local community <3

2 – It Saves You Money

The big players are trying their best to convince us that they are always offering up a bargain; and that shopping locally is too expensive. However, when you take a closer look at the cost of travel to out of town supermarkets, or online delivery the value is often not there. Big supermarkets seek to baffle us with deals, discounts and promotions that they use to disguise the next to nothing costs they have due to the pricing power they command over their suppliers. This behaviour is not on.

At Indie Fude we always pay our valuable suppliers a fair price, and in turn, sell their wares on to you at a fair price. When you #shopindie you get much better value for money.

3 – Local Businesss Create Local Jobs

Local businesses provide local employment, self-employment, and promote entrepreneurship. If you you support a local business, you can watch it grow in strength. And in turn, require local people to work with them. Here at Indie Fude we have just employed our first full time member of staff – thanks to our local community continuing to support our growing venture!

The more people that are employed locally, the more demand there is for local businesses to serve these new workers. We know this, as we have been known to sneak over to Sugarcane Cafe Bistro for a lunch time treat, of a mid afternoon pick me up!

4 – Theres A Superb Array Of High Quality Products On Offer In Local Shops

Unlike big chain stores, you local independent shop has the freedom to update their offering when ever they please.

At Indie Fude we are passionate about local produce, and are always on the look out for first-class producers. This means their is often something new and exciting to tempt you; and the shopping experience is always interesting!

5 – Your Local Business Loves You

Your local business knows how important you are, and strives to exceed your expectations. If you #shopindie you can expect to be welcomed by friendly and approachable folk – who really want to get to know your needs. Your local shop understands how important it is to provide a smashing service because they survive on repeat custom and word of mouth. They want you to love them, as much as they love you!

All of the team at Indie Fude adore talking about our produce, and are full of advice. We love talking to you ?

6 – Local Businesses Are More Likely To Source Their Goods Locally

Many local businesses make it a priority to source some or all of their goods locally. This approach has so many benefits. It’s better for the environment; as the product doesn’t not have to travel far and wide. Reducing their carbon footprint. It also adds to the community ethic of local businesses, with everyone supporting each other.

Here at Indie Fude their is not a single product on our selves that comes from further afield than this very island. The island of Ireland is such an awesome source of food stuff, why would we venture any further afield! Some of our stock comes from little over 2miles away ? Now that really is keeping it local! ??

7 – When You #ShopIndie You Have More Fun!

I know I am not the only one who gets palpitations just thinking of a trip to the local Tesco / Sainsbury’s / Asda. Big carparks, long queues – No thank you! Hunting through over-packaged fruit, packaged vegetables, frozen everything, and sad looking meat doesn’t really get people’s mouths watering. I would bet my bottom dollar that your local independents have a much more attractive offering. Indie Fude even has samples of products for you to taste test. Surely that’ll get your mouth watering?

8 – It’s the ethical choice

Buying out-of-season produce, like strawberries in December, lowers your eco-credentials. As does eating steak or carrots that have been flown halfway round the world, wrapped in layers of plastic. When you shop at local butchers, bakers, farm shops and green grocers, it’s most likely that a decent percentage of the produce has had a short field-to-fork journey. Along with supporting local farmers, it means the food is likely to contain more nutrients and have less packaging. Who wants to pay for packaging they don’t need? Not us!

We also believe that when you shop local, you are more likely to buy exactly what you need. In the Cheese Room at Indie Fude, you can select the perfect size slice of cheese for you. Meaning zero waste! Not to mention the chutneys and jams are so special they are unlikely to go forgotten about at the back of your fridge…

9 – Small independent businesses pay their fair share of taxes. 

Unlike many chain stores that are dotted around our cities that will try anything to dodge their share of the taxes….. You local independent pays up. They support the communities they serve. And they are proud to be a part of them.