What do they do?

Barry and Lorraine are a young couple who met in secondary school. They are both from a farming background and have always been interested in agriculture. Their farm is situated in North Tipperary, a short distance from Terryglass. The ewes are outdoors for most of the year feeding on fresh grass and anything else they can get their mouths to. The meal is fed in the parlour which really helps to entice the ewes in for milking. They are usually so keen on their evening meal they remind farm hands that milking time is approaching! Milk is transported three times a week to Portumna  where Marion Roeleveld of Killeen Farmhouse Cheese manufactures Cáis Na Tíre.

Why do we love them?

Laura describes this wonderful sheeps milk cheese as a cross between Manchego & Parmesan. And she isn't too far off the mark! It's the perfect local replacement to parmesan when it comes to risotto's and pasta dishes. But also works well on a cheeseboard due to it's sweet caramelised notes.