What do they do?

Mic developed a love of fine chilli sauce when on an exploration of Belize in 1994, and a new hot tasty world was discovered. Since then Mic has yearned for those highs, and after a little inspiration and much time perfecting his recipe Inferno Sauce was born. He feels good again...! All Mic's Chilli sauces are lovingly hand made from the freshest Habanero chilli's and other fresh ingredients in Mic's secret dungeon in Kilcoole, Co Wicklow. 

Why do we love them?

hether you need a little pick me up to bring your dishes back from the dead, or are just looking for a kinky dipping sauce, Mic has just the thing for you...Maybe you are a fire breathing chilli god, or just considering a little chilli experimentation, whatever it is they have the perfect sauce for you.